Friday, December 12, 2014

Diva Wrap Winners...

Before Amber and I announce our giveaway winners and sign out for the rest of the Holiday season, we just want to take a sec and get all mushy and thankful. We have been blogging for about a year and a half now...and we seriously still love this outlet we use to spread our sarcastic, real moments of life. 

We love the comments we get from all of you both from cyberspace and in the real world and hope we bring a smile or laugh into your day. Now wipe your tears..sniff...sniff ;) and read on...

So without further ado..the winners of our Diva Wrap giveaways are...

@stormycloud3 (Stormy Howell)
@shawneedavis12 (Shawnee)
@shoogiemom (Liz)
@lyndslou1 (Lynds)


Please comment below with your email so we can get your contact info and send you your fab wrap!

Now get on with your bad selves with all you have left to do in the Christmas department! And we will see you the first of the year.

Peace out...

Ashley & Amber

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cat Eye Kate...

Hey Guys!
In case you missed it on Instagram last week, we were featured on a little slice o' Heaven in the beauty bloggin' world, Inside Henderson's Style and Beauty Expert, Cat Eye Kate.
Kate is one of the good ones.  She gets it!  She knows we can't all lather ourselves in La Mer beauty balm and spend oodles of moolah in the spa... but she also knows how to "WORK IT" in the real world, so your own best beautiful self shines through! Do yourself a Christmas solid and visit her site today where we broke down our favorite beauty products.  Me?  I'm gonna try the crown braid on my third day hair thanks to Kate's killer tutorial, here.

Hi I'm Kate. 
I love style, I love fashion, I love hair!!!
I thirst for progress not perfection!!!! 
I've been in the hair and makeup biz for 15 years, where I thrive on helping woman find their OWN feeling of confidence. 
I like to offer real-life beauty and style tips to my readers. How 'bout let's mix a few life hacks in with the splurge worthy style and beauty buys? What's happening on the runway say whaaaa? Really though, let's talk about that translating to real life. 
I often tell woman to think of themselves as a GIFT. You give sooooo much gals, you know you do. It's a---okay to fill your own cup and let it flow over to those you love. We all know that being moms on the hustle is basically like putting on a super hero cape every single day. I'm a firm believer in taking care of your own fitness, health, and beauty regimen!!! 
My goals are to motivate woman in simple ways as we strap on our super hero capes and charge forward inspiring one another as we go. 
Thanks Ashley and Amber for inspiring me with your humor and wit.  Life truly is better when you're LAUGHING!!!!

We couldn't agree more and we look forward to MANY more hair, makeup and fashion tips from Kate.

And don't forget to enter our giveaway today on Instagram!  Today's the last day to enter for a chance to win a Diva Wrap!  Bonus... there will be not one - but FOUR winners!  Names will be announced tomorrow, here on the blog and on Instagram.

Now go put up some more twinkle lights or bake some Christmas cookies, eh?!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Giveaway x 4...

This week will be our last week until the New Year...I know..dry those eyes ;) And so before we sign out so we have some time to make our own lists, check them twice and maybe wrap a gift or eight...we decided that what better way to leave the season than with a giveaway. With not one but 4 winners! Like we have always said..we are givers like that ;)

So we teamed up with one of our good friends who clearly has more crafty, sewing talent than either of us have in our left pinky to bring you 4 chances to win one of her head wraps.

Jerrica started this great idea and we have been huge fans ever since. I'll be honest...I have a few of them but don't have the guts to wear it yet. I think it's my enormous forehead that is holding me back. Can I pull it off? 

 But my girls wear them ALL. THE. TIME. And since you all know how miserable I am in the hair-doing department, these babies are seriously saving my life.

Plus they come in baby and toddler sizes..which..hello..doesn't get any cuter? 

And they are kind of like the hair accessory that keeps on giving with ideas. My oldest daughter and her friends wear them to school, my gym buddy wears them to keep her face outta the way as we huff and puff on the treadmill, and Amber has proven that they are your best friend for days at the lake or beach. 

So for a chance to win one of your very keep or give away as a Christmas gift, head over here on our Instagram for all the deets!

And if you are thinking you need some last minute gifts or stocking stuffer (and for buy 3 get 1 free, you really do) you can place your order at 

We will announce the winner this Friday and get them in the mail ASAP!

Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 5, 2014

The Grand Gift Giving Finale...

Happy Friday!  It's the first weekend of December which is cray-cray...
We've got big plans to introduce our three little misters to Home Alone with pizza and ice cream sundaes tonight.... It's gonna be epic.  I might just even pull out my "Talk Boy".  That's right... my Mom held on to that little gem and if I can find a cassette tape I might let the littles play with my prized vintage toy.... well after I determine how much that sucka is worth.  :)
But before we wrap up our week of gift giving here on the blog, let us share a few other "favorites" that might help make your holidays a little more merry...
1.  A free "Cookies for Santa" printable from Tatertots and Jello.  Print this baby out and have it ready for the night before Christmas.... and don't snicker -- You know as well as I do that December 24th will be here before you can even fathom it!
2.  How about these Free downloadable gift tags from Kelli Murray that feature the most adorable little woodland creatures of all time ever.  Listen, I live in a house full of men.... burlap, wood, pine bows and little foxes are about as "cute" as we get so these are a definite win.

3.  Monogram Holiday Tags that can be downloaded for free from Jessica Jones Design.  I was looking for a monogram letter for stockings and couldn't quite pull the trigger on some actual wooden letters from Target to the tune of $7.99 each... so imagine my happy dance when I saw these beauties to print and tie on to each little stocking!
4.  If you're hell-bent on outshining Ash and I and you're going to hand dip chocolates or bake up delectable holiday treats (and listen, we salute AND appreciate you) you might be interested in these adorbs holiday treat cards that are bright and festive and sure to be a great addition to your plate full of sweets and they're free courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road.
5.  And this one is a trip down memory lane to one of our Christmas Gift suggestions of 2013...  It's my all-time favorite and most creative neighbor gift to date... no joke my neighbor stopped me the other day and showed me his bandaid clad finger and told me he was still using his "Christmas Gift of 2013 from the Gardner Gang".  It's literally the gift that keeps giving, y'all.  
Let's omit the obvious truth that I need to take a course in Graphic Design though, shall we?

And so ends our week of "Great Gift Giving" here on the blog.
But have no fear... more holiday rad-ness will abound next week... and it might even involve a:
Yep, you'll need to break out the bubble gum language to decipher that code talk.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gift Giving 101..Odds & Ends

By now, you should be drowning in gift ideas..but here's one more. We're "givers" like that. 

This is the perfect gift for all those odds and ends people you have on your list like dance & piano teachers, school teachers, your mail and UPS man ;) and hair dressers (which I do not do... gasp... but I read somewhere that you should... hand on my heart that I'm gonna put her on my list this year) And I know the mail and UPS man is a little out there..but I gave this to my mail lady last year...
...and she wrote me a note back telling me how much she appreciated it and how she enjoyed seeing my cute girls race to get the mail. Awe...Gift giving is never lame or out of style...everyone loves to be appreciated and everyone loves a gift.

Getting back on course, I totes stole this from Pinterest..of course. But thought it was something different..I mean a person can only use so much Bath & Body soap (no, that's not true..I love getting that stuff but I think it's slightly overdone..yea?)  So let's move on to more sugar consumption thru the Holidays..with a side of fruit.

Isn't it the cutest? And the packaging is really on point. It makes the gift all the more enticing. It's all about presentation ladies ;)

So buy a box of apples..find some cute plastic or glass jars (I raided my mother-in-laws massive stash of mini jam jars), grab some ribbon,  your last years leftover "to & from" tags and make this fab caramel sauce. It will not disappoint. 

Easy Caramel Sauce
Yield: about 1 1/2 cups caramel sauce
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
1 cup light brown sugar
1/3 cup heavy cream
1. Melt butter in a saucepan.
2. Add brown sugar and heavy cream and whisk constantly over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.
3. Bring to a boil and allow to boil for 3 minutes, no more.

4. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Store in refrigerator.

This is also an easier side-note gift idea..if you are just feeling a little more on the lazy side (no judgement) and don't want to make all the caramel sauce. This is the cutest clementine or cutie wreath ever!  Adorbs!

And guys..don't forget to check us out at We did a little holiday/beauty collab with one of our faves... Katie Rowles (Ogden) for those of you from our hometown. She lives in Vegas and has a fashion/beauty editorial with the Inside Henderson paper. We're practically famous now ;)

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Itchin' for the Holidays...

So this little gift-a-roo idea came to me in a stroke of genius one lazy Thursday evening... 

The hubs asked for a little back scratch.  To which I sassily replied, "I'll scratch yours if you scratch mine."  (At this point we sound like a couple of adult gorillas, for which I apologize).  He then said, "Gosh, why don't we have one of those lame little wooden back scratchers like my Grandma has?  Then I wouldn't even have to barter with you..."
(The romance just oozes from this little anecdote, doesn't it?)

And there it was... a lightbulb, hovering dangerously close to my noggin'.  A brand new neighbor/friend gift idea that involves the previously mentioned "wooden back scratchers like unto those that all Grandma's have and we all secretly covet."

And here it is.  The gift idea for neighbors and friends that is just the thing to, brace yourselves,
 "Scratch their holiday itch!"
But really, that's what the tag says, "To Scratch Your Holiday Itch"... and I used a font called, "Santa's Air Mail" that I downloaded for free to make it especially festive because, you know... when in Rome and all that.

And if you're wondering, of course, I picked up an extra for Santa to stuff in the mister's stocking... because a girl should always be thorough.  :)  And also, it should be noted that I found these little numbers at Wally but then I found some identical to my high-class Wally version at the dollar store!
And how's that for a totally unique and random hump day idea?
Insert your own clever ending to this little post and a cute pic of my sassy kid in festive head gear...
And that's a wrap, people.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gift Giving 101...The Friend Guide

For Day 2 of our Christmas gift ideas, I am focusing on the ever overanalyzed "friend gift."   Look it's a real thing;)  And by "friend gifts" I mean all the little people who hang with your own little people should be lucky enough to have little people of your own.   Whew.
I go back and forth on this one. There are just so many unknowns... I decided to outline these reasons with bullet points which clearly make them legit...

Should we be the ones to make the first move? It's like each parent is waiting to see if their kid gets a gift before they commit to a Pinterest gift project. 
  • Where do you draw the line of friends? When I ask my girls to make a list of the friends they want to give to, suddenly they have 10 more "friends" that I've never heard of before this moment. Just because you played at recess one time, does not qualify for a "friend gift" ... at least in my book.  ;)
  • Do we want to be the ones making other moms think, "oh we have to give a gift to them." You know... those friends you forgot on the list or the ones that show up at your door unexpected? See bullet point two. 
  • What's an appropriate dollar amount to spend per gift? No one wants to be labeled as the tight wad. But I literally have 4 girls who want to give something to 10 friends each. Even at $1 per gift... well you do the math... it's like a billion dollars. 
But no worries guys... I have solved all your "friend gift" giving problems. Yes... I know.
 You're Welcome.

For all the little ladies out there, I'm sure you know that nail polish and design is all the rage. So these hot items are the perfect item for all the girls in your, tweens, teens and all mamas alike. 

And before you stress out because you see that they are "Essie" and you know their fingernail polish is like $9 bucks a bottle... let out a sigh of relief cuz I found these gems at "The Dollar Tree." Who knew right? One buck for these puppies that will keep your nails looking delish for weeks at a time. 

You can make a cute tag that says "I really 'nailed' your Christmas gift this year!" 
And no lie guys..I just made that up right this very second. That's what happens when Pinterest has nada. Man..I'm good ;)

And for the boys in your life, we went right for food..because..duh?! 
And guys this was right on budget..thanks to Costco. I am in these for $20 bucks and will have oodles leftover (I can make 35) which is perfect for those kids who you never planned for but gave something to one of your kiddos. It's the perfect, quick gift that you can do the whole..."oh wait right here..let me go grab your gift before you leave" thing. ;) 

And ps... I got the adorable paper straws at Target in their dollar section..40 straws for $3. Bam! And can I just say how badly I need a Target Dollar Spot in my garage. Those bins can solve so many life issues.

For the free printable download, click HERE

So no excuses..great ideas and all on budget. Teach your kids a great lesson this holiday season and let the gift giving begin.